How to Outline a Picture & Change Background on Lunapic

Updated April 17, 2017

Dull backgrounds can make it easy for viewers to breeze past your digital photos. But with the help of an image editor, you can swap out your boring background for a more appealing You can outline the foreground objects in your images, and then transport them to another background. And if you use Lunapic to edit your images, you can swap the backgrounds in your images online with no software to install.

Navigate your web browser to Lunapic's online editor application (see Resources). Click on Lunapic's "Browse" button to locate an image to upload from your computer. Alternatively, you can paste the address of an online image into Lunapic's "Open from Web with URL of Image" field.

Click on the "Upload Now" button to upload the selected image from your computer. Click on the "Go" button if you elected to use an online image.

Click on Lunapic's "Cut-out Tool." Hold down your mouse's left button, while tracing the outline of your image. Click on the "Crop" button to remove the image's background.

Click on the "Edit" heading. Select the "Copy Image to Clipboard" option from the context menu that appears beneath the heading.

Click on the "Upload" button to return to Lunapic's upload page. Click on the "Browse" button to locate a background image on your computer, and then click "Upload Now." Again, you can opt to use the "Open from Web with URL of Image" field and "Go" button to import a web-based image into Lunapic.

Click on Lunapic's "Edit" heading, and then select its "Paste Image from Clipboard" option. Your cropped image will be pasted onto of the background. Yellow resize handles will appear at the corners of the cropped image.

Click on the cropped image's resize handles, and then drag them inward or outward to adjust the image's size. Hover your cursor over the centre of the image. The cursor will turn into the "Move" tool. Drag and drop your image to the desired location on the background.

Click on Lunapic's "File" heading, and then select its "Save Image" option. The Save Image menu will appear. Click on the desired output format in the Save Image menu's list. A download link will be generated for your completed project.

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