How to Make Scooby Doo Strings

Updated April 17, 2017

Scooby Strings are a huge kids' crafts hit. Basic or fundamental knots, such as a square or the box stitch, can turn into fun crafts such as picture frames or pieces of jewellery. Just one variation of the square stitch leads to new types of scooby strings. There have even been claims that knotting scoobie strings can improve coordination, so it's a great for adults as well.

Cut two pieces of lanyard. They should be two different colours.

Line the two pieces next to each other, then fold it in half to find the centre. If you want the string to be on a keychain, loop the keychain now at the centre of the strings and tie a knot at the loop end. If you don't want the keychain hook, then tie the knot without it. You will now have a loop at one end of the knot and four strings at the other end of the knot, two of each colour.

Turn the lanyards upside down, so the loop is face down and the strings are pointing upward. Separate the strings so they fall in four opposite directions. Make a compass with the strings. Have one string in Color 1 point away from you (String 1) and the second string in Color 1 point toward you (String 2). Make one string of Color 2 go to the right of you (String 3) and the other string in Color 2 go to the left of you (String 4).

Bring String 2 out and over the base knot made in Step 2. It will look like an arch. Maintain that arch by using your left pointer finger to hold the string in place against the knot. Take String 1 and bring it out then over the knot made in Step 2. Like you did with string 1, you'll be making an arch, but you'll use your left thumb to hold this string in place. At the end of this step you'll have two loops of Color 1 side by side.

Take the left string and loop it through the right loop made in Step 4. It should only go through one loop. Take the right string and loop it through the left loop made in Step 4.

Pull all four strings tight.

Continue Steps 4 through 6 until either you have run out of lanyard or you have the length you want. When you're done, take two pieces of string in each hand, then tie a basic knot.

Things You'll Need

  • Two pieces of lanyard
  • Key chain (optional)
  • Scissors
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