How to Install a USB Loader GX on a Wii 4.3

Written by a.j. hawkins | 13/05/2017

USB Loader GX is a program for the Nintendo Wii video gaming consoles up to version 4.3 that have previously had software modifications. "Softmodding" your Wii system allows you to install the Homebrew Channel, which is used to run various types of applications on the system including the USB Loader GX. This program will run backup copies of the Wii video games you own from an external USB hard drive.

Download the USB Loader GX files from the USB Loader GX website.

Insert the SD memory card that contains the Homebrew Channel files used on your Wii into your computer. Extract the USB Loader GX files into the directory "SD:/apps/usbloader_gx" and remove the memory card.

Put the memory card back into the front card reader slot on the Wii and open the Homebrew Channel from the Wii main menu.

Locate the USB Loader GX program from the list and press "A" to run it. The program is now installed on your Nintendo Wii 4.3.

Things you need

  • SD memory card, 2 GB or less, containing Homebrew Channel files

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