How to Move AOL Mail to the Computer

Updated March 23, 2017

The "Saved on My PC" feature is a Personal File Cabinet utility within the AOL e-mail client. Serving as a backup resource, "Saved on My PC" gives users the ability to move locally stored e-mail messages directly from the AOL e-mail account to the computer's hard drive. The utility can be accessed from the AOL Desktop application. It is relatively user-friendly to operate, and the transfer process can be completed expeditiously.

Launch the AOL Desktop software (see Warnings if you don't have the AOL Desktop application).

Go to the AOL e-mail login screen in the AOL Desktop application.

Type your AOL account username or e-mail address and password in the appropriate text fields on the login screen.

Double-click "Sign In" below the text fields.

Click "Mail" on your AOL e-mail account home page.

Check the box on the left side of all of the e-mails you want to move to the computer.

Click the "Save" tab directly above the AOL inbox to view its collapsible menu options. Select "On My PC."

Select the "Incoming / Saved Mail" option. The selected e-mails will then be moved to that particular Personal File Cabinet folder. An America Online notification box will prompt you to confirm your decision.

Click "OK" to confirm the transfer to the "Incoming / Saved Mail" folder in the AOL Personal File Cabinet.


You can also move the full personal file cabinet from one computer to another.


The AOL Desktop application is mandatory for mail transfers to the Personal File Cabinet. While e-mails can also be saved by simply logging into your account online, they will not be moved to the file cabinet. They'll only be stored to the "Incoming / Saved Mail" folder within the email account. If you don't have the AOL Desktop application, you'll need to download and install it.

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