How to decorate a onesie at a baby shower

Updated February 21, 2017

Tune baby shower guests into their creative sides by having them decorate onesies for the baby to wear. The new mom will go through plenty of onesies, which are an essential part of a baby's wardrobe because they snap under the diaper to keep the shirt on. Every time she changes the onesie, she will remember the baby shower and the friend who decorated that particular shirt. This activity is perfect for the time when guests are arriving and chatting with one another.

Purchase onesies in a variety of sizes ranging from birth to 18 months. White onesies are usually least expensive, but coloured fabrics provide variety.

Wash the onesies with baby washing powder and dry. This ensures that the fabric is pre-shrunk before the decorations are added.

Spread a disposable table covering over a large table. Set out the onesies and the decorating materials, including fabric markers, scraps of baby-themed fabric, scissors and fabric glue.

Give each guest a piece of cardboard to slide inside the onesie. This keeps the fabric markers, paint and glue from bleeding through to the other side.

Instruct each guest to write "Made by (name)" with a fabric marker somewhere on the onesie or on the tag. Options include just under the collar on the back, at the bottom where the snaps are, on a sleeve, on the back, or where the baby's bottom will be.

Use fabric markers to write a word or short phrase on the onesie in a theme, if desired. For example, you could write "trucks," "little princess," "daddy's baby girl," or "I love being messy" on the onesie.

Cut out relevant images, shapes or patterns from the fabric scraps. Glue these to the front or back of the onesie with fabric glue. For example, on a "trucks" onesie, you could cut simple truck shapes out of plain fabric or cut out images from a fabric with trucks printed on it.


Turn the activity into a contest by having the expectant mother give awards to the guests who decorate the cutest, most creative and funniest onesies. If you would prefer, decorate plain bibs instead of onesies.

Things You'll Need

  • Onesies, enough for each guest to decorate one
  • Baby washing powder
  • Disposable table covering
  • Fabric markers
  • Puffy fabric paints
  • Fabric scraps with baby themes
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard squares small enough to fit in onesies
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