How to Kill Maggots and Larvae

Updated July 20, 2017

Finding an infestation of maggots is a nasty surprise. Maggots are associated with dirt and stench because they are found in putrid places like garbage cans, and on rotting food and dead animals. Maggots are fly larvae, and apart from being useful for fishing and cleaning wounds, they are an unwanted pest. The same is true for other larvae like caterpillars that eat garden plants, grubs that destroy lawns and mosquito larvae that infest standing water. Larvae will metamorphose into insects that are also considered pests, such as flies from maggots and beetles from grubs.

Sweep maggots, caterpillars or grubs into a bucket using an old brush. Pour boiling water over them to kill them. Alternatively, sweep the larvae into a plastic bag and put them into the freezer until dead. Choose another method if the maggots are on a wretched object, such as a decomposing animal, or if you dislike the sight of the larvae, preventing you from getting close.

Fill a container with beer and place it near the maggots. The maggots will climb into the beer and drown.

Hold a steam cleaner near, but not touching, the maggots. Blast the maggots with steam until they're dead. Steam maggots out of your deep pile carpet using a steam cleaner. The maggots will rise to the surface of the carpet and be killed by the steam.

Kill maggots with chemicals such as lice shampoo or bedding treatment, wasp killer, ant killer, hairspray, motor oil or diluted bleach. Pour or spray any of these substances over the maggots until completely covered. Use non-chemical methods to kill caterpillars, grubs or mosquito larvae because of the potential to pollute water or damage plants.

Pour garlic oil into water to kill mosquito larvae. Attempt to kill mosquito larvae only if there are no other organisms living in the water, such as fish or tadpoles; do not put other animals in the water at risk. Chop four garlic bulbs and blend until smooth in a blender. Mix the garlic paste with 1 gallon of warm water. Pour the mixture over the larvae in the water. Alternatively, put goldfish into your pond to kill the mosquito larvae. If the infested area is a pond, then goldfish will eat the larvae.

Purchase natural neem oil from your garden centre to kill grubs. Dilute it according to its instructions and spray it onto grass. Neem prevents grubs from reproducing and growing.


Avoid squashing maggots because they may be filled with bacteria from the decomposing object they are consuming. Likewise, avoid touching the maggots and wear gloves. Disinfect all objects and surfaces.

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