How to Crack a Rubik's Cube

The Rubik's Cube is a multicoloured puzzle cube that seemingly only geniuses can solve. According to Rubik's, the cube was invented by Hungarian designer Erno Rubik. His first prototype was created in 1974 and it was made out of wood. By 1977 the first "Magic Cube" was sold in a Budapest toyshop. In 1982 more than 100 million Rubik's Cubes were sold worldwide and they are still popular today. If you are stumbling over solving the puzzle, you can crack a Rubik's Cube by using the centre of each side as your guide.

Put all the same coloured squares around the centre of each side for each colour. For example, place the white cubes around the white centre. The centre square of each side does not move, so each centre colour is that side's designated colour. Use the centres of each side as a guide to help you solve the puzzle.

Place the corner pieces with the correct colours on the cube. You will be solving the cube from the outside first. Make any turns needed to place any corner pieces into the top row. Each corner should be the same colour as the centre piece that doesn't move.

Solve each side edge, rather than the entire face of a side next. Solve the side edges on each face of the cube. Turn and rotate the cube accordingly. Break up areas of coloured squares and move them around to where you need them. Break up the sequences of colour.

Look for any "T" sequences in the cube once you have create outside lines of the same colour. This will help you solve the middle layer. Rotate the bottom layer, so it make a "T" with three squares rather than two. Twist the two sides of the cube down and then to the right. Turn them down again to shift the correct colours onto the middle of the cube.

Flip the cube around and examine the corners of the unfinished row. Twist that layer around, until you line up two adjacent coloured corners to their respective edge. Facing the last layer, place the correct coloured corner to the right bottom. Turn the edge closest to you to the left and then turn the left side forward. You want all the corners to be the correct colour. You may need to rotate the back row to the left also.

Look for the last remaining pieces that need to be solved. It should be four last pieces. You will need to rotate the middle sections to solve the cube. Depending on the colour, rotate the middles to place the correct colours in their place.


Decide where each square belongs, rather than making randoms turns. You will make it harder to solve, if you don't plan your moves first. Use petroleum jelly in the cube for easier manoeuvring. Several methods to solving the cube exist.

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