Casio Calculator Tricks

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You don't just want your calculator to do math for you, you also want it to entertain. Well, cheer up, you can easily amuse yourself with tricks on a Casio calculator. Using anything from the relationship in symbolism between letters and numbers to complex mathematical coding, your calculator can create all kinds of effects or even help you pass notes in class without your teacher catching you.

Writing Words

One of the simplest Casio calculator tricks involves using the screen to write words. Many numbers look like letters when you reverse the screen upside down, so see what you can write on a Casio by turning the calculator over.

Many students already know the simple word, "hello." To write this word, type in the following number and turn the calculator upside down: "0.1134". In fact, you can create any word with the letters h, E, O, S, L, I, R, B, A and g, according to a University of Waterloo website.

The Casio Matrix

"The Matrix," a hit American movie, started a lot of trends, from wearing patent leather jackets to learning binary. The running binary code screen that represents the world inside the Matrix is one of the more impressionable visual effects from the film. You can build the same running code on your Casio calculator, according to "World News." A complex code that takes about five minutes to program into your calculator can keep you from boredom in your next Physics class.

Magic Trick

The number 37037 possesses a certain kind of magic, according to "Chemical Ecology." Multiplied by any number, the number 37037 creates certain patterns. By learning these patterns on your Casio calculator, you can pass your calculator to any person in your class and show her how you can quickly multiply the number 37037 by any other number. Part of the trick goes like this: for any multiple of the number three (up to 27), multiply by 37037 to get a six-digit series of the same number. For example, 37037 multiplied by three is 111,111. To learn the rest of the trick, put the numbers into your calculator and watch the magic happen.

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