How to Use Filezilla With 000Webhost

Updated July 19, 2017

FTP stands for "File Transfer Protocol." Using an FTP client such as Filezilla allows you to transfer local files from your computer to an online network such as a Web host. By using the FTP account details provided within 000Webhost's control panel, you can seamlessly upload files via Filezilla to the root directory of your domain.

Log in to your 000Webhost control panel.

Scroll down and locate the "Files" module.

Click the "View FTP Details" icon to obtain the login details you will need to begin uploading your files via FTP.

Open Filezilla to begin the FTP process.

Select "File" from the menu bar and click the "Site Manager" option.

Click the "New Site" button and name your website. Press "Enter" to save the name change.

Copy and paste the "FTP host name" from 000Webhost into the "Host" field in Filezilla. This field is located underneath the "General" tab.

Type "21" into the "Port" field.

Locate the "Logon Type" option and select "Normal" from the drop-down menu.

Delete the "anonymous" text within the "User" field and copy and paste your "FTP user name" from 000Webhost.

Delete the default characters within the "Password" field and type your "FTP password" into this field.

Click the "Advanced" tab.

Locate the "Default remote directory" text area and type:


Click the "Connect" button to initiate the FTP authentication process.

Begin uploading your website files upon successful connection.


Do not copy and paste your password into the "Password" field. This can lead to extra characters being copied into the field which will cause your FTP login to fail.

Things You'll Need

  • Filezilla FTP client
  • 000Webhost FTP login details
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