How Do I Wrap an African Turban?

Written by marie alexandra | 13/05/2017
How Do I Wrap an African Turban?
Learn to wrap an African turban with your favourite fabric. (Brand X Pictures/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images)

An African turban is a colourful long piece of cloth with many patterns, used to wrap the heads of men and women, but prominently women. Some women wear turbans to match the same fabric as their dress. Other women wear turbans to protect their hair or to cover unkempt hair.

Hold your turban in the middle with both hands. Make sure both side of the turban are equal in length.

Place the centre of the turban on your forehead while bringing the ends over your back.

Pull the turban back to cover your whole head.

Lay the right end of the turban over the left end of the turban; a hole will form in the middle. While holding the right end, take the left end and put it over the right end and down through the hole. Pull the ends, away from each other, tightly in opposite directions. This step will form a knot.

Pull the ends toward the front sides of your head and twist both ends.

Cross the end over each other, over your forehead.

Pull the ends toward the back sides of your head and cross the ends.

Follow Step 4 to make another knot.

Combine the ends together and twist the ends to the right.

Tuck the ends in the fold created while wrapping the ends around your head.

Things you need

  • Fabric

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