How to Remove the Border in Windows VLC

Updated April 17, 2017

VLC media player, created by the VideoLAN Organization, is a free to use media player that is capable of playing DVDs, digital audio, CDs and streaming audio formats. The open-source software is freely available to modify and improve for personal use. On Windows, one can remove the pixel border and the menu bars to simulate full-screen viewing of DVDs and movie formats, even while the window is not fully maximised.

Boot the computer and log in as an administrator. Insert the video DVD into the DVD-ROM drive of the laptop or personal computer. Watch for and cancel any autoplay prompts.

Launch VLC media player by navigating to "Start > All Programs" and clicking the VLC shortcut, which is shaped like a traffic cone.

From the VLC File meu, select "Open." Make sure "Disc" or "DVD" is selected from the format menu and click "OK."

While the DVD is playing, hold the "Ctrl" button and click "H." The window will switch to minimal mode. The black pixel border will disappear, and the window will remains at the current dimensions. Alternatively, you can click "F" to switch to and from the fullscreen mode.

Adjust the window size by moving the cursor to the edges of the window, clicking and holding while dragging the window edge to the required dimension.

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