How to Reduce the Size of Photos in Zoombrowser

Updated April 17, 2017

Canon's ZoomBrowser EX can edit your photos and reduce the photo file size. A smaller file size usually makes it easier to send photos with an e-mail message. ZoomBrowser includes an "Internet" menu on the toolbar. The email option can quickly resize the selected photo file to your specified number of pixels. You can also select the file's image quality. A small, lower quality file displays a rougher image; a larger, higher quality file displays a smoother, crisper image.

Open the ZoomBrowser EX application.

Click "Internet" on the tool bar.

Click "Send Images by Email." A dialogue window opens.

Click "1. Select Images." This button appears in the upper section of the left pane.

Scroll the "Favorite Folders" section on the bottom of the left pane. Select the photo file's location. The image's thumbnail appears.

Click to select the photo file. Do not open the image file.

Click "2. Change Image Size." This button appears in the left pane. A list of "Image Settings" appears. The diagrams show the effects of reducing the size of the photo.

Select the radio button for "Resize and Compress Images into JPEG Type."

Select the "Long Side" or "Short Side" option. Type the number of pixels, such as 800 for the size.

Point and click to drag the "Quality" slider button to the preferred position, such as "Highest."

Click the "Calculate" button. The image's reduced file size value appears.

Click "Next" or "3. Send or Save." A dialogue window opens.

Select the radio button for "Create a New Email" or "Save the Images in a Folder." To save this resized image, click the "Browse" button and select the folder. For example, Desktop or a named folder. Click "OK." The window closes.

Click "Finish."

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