How to address a letter to an ambassador

Updated February 21, 2017

An ambassador is a diplomat that represents his country. He is officiated and accredited by a government or sovereignty. In the United States, ambassadors are nominated by the president and approved by the senate. Ambassadors keep their home nations informed about the activities in other nations and make recommendations for actions the country should pursue. You may contact an ambassador about a visa or to discuss political or economic issues. Individuals who hold positions of title have rules different rules of address. In addition to being respectful, polite and considerate, you must address your letter following the protocol of the ambassador position.

Write the address on the letter and the envelope for United States ambassadors by stating:

Honourable (full name)

American Ambassador or Ambassador of the United States

American Embassy

Full address

City, Country and postcode

Address envelopes and letters to foreign ambassadors using:

His Excellency (Full name)

Ambassador of (Country name)

Washington, DC (Zip code)

Write your greeting to a United States ambassador as follows: "Sir/Madam": or "Dear Mr./Madam Ambassador."

Include a greeting to foreign ambassadors that states, "Excellency": or "Dear Mr./Madam Ambassador."

Include a salutation for both United States and foreign ambassadors that states, "Very truly yours," or "Sincerely, (your name)."

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