How to convert a cdb to a csv

Written by tammy clevenger | 13/05/2017

A CDB file is a contacts database file for Symbian OS smartphones, such as devices made by Nokia. To convert a CDB file to CSV, Nokia provides a desktop syncing utility. In addition to functionality to convert the CDB file type to CSV, the Noki application will convert the CDB file to an Outlook or Thunderbird contacts database for import into these contact management and e-mail applications. The Noki application by NokiSoft is the exploring and extracting software addition to the Nokia PC Suite. Download Noki for free from

Open the Noki application on the computer. The simple Noki interface opens.

Click the "Browse" button. A file navigation window with two panes opens. Click the File Type drop-down box and select the "Contacts Database (.cdb)" file type. All CDB phonebook files list in the Noki interface.

Right-click the phonebook (contacts.cdb) file to export to CSV.

Click the "Save As" button. Select either the "Merge Into Outlook CSV File" or the "Merge Into Thunderbird CSV File" option from the context menu. The CDB file is converted to CSV.

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