How to adjust wedding rings for enlarged knuckles

Updated April 17, 2017

Though many people wear the same ring size throughout their lives, some find their fingers shrink or enlarge with age. One of the bigger problems ring wearers have is enlarged knuckles. Knuckles can swell due to temperature, arthritis or some kinds of bone diseases that can trigger joint growth. Ensure that the most important rings you possess, your wedding rings, can fit over your knuckles and still fit tightly on your fingers by using a plastic insert, which is one very affordable way for a ring to stay snug on your finger.

Take your wedding ring to the jeweller to get it sized to fit over your knuckle. Often when you purchase a ring from a jeweller, it will be sized for free a certain number of times.

Get your finger sized while at the jewellery store. Use this information to purchase the correct size for a ring adjuster. The jewellery store should carry ring adjusters or tell you where these can be purchased.

Clean your wedding ring thoroughly. If the ring is not clean, the sizing can be affected by any grit that goes under a ring insert.

Put the wedding ring on your finger. Pop the ring insert onto the back of the band. It should hold the ring on your finger snugly.


If you need your wedding ring to stay snug quickly before you can size it, you can always wrap tape around the back of the ring. This temporarily keeps it fitting more snugly around your finger.


Ensure you never get your ring on so tight that you can't get it off over your knuckle. If you do, the ring may need to be cut off, which can be dangerous and painful.

Things You'll Need

  • Tape
  • Plastic Insert
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