How to Get out of Sleep Mode on an MSI 400

Written by chang lin | 13/05/2017

Although laptop computers have difference physical and hardware features, the operating system functions similar regardless of your laptop's make or model. The "sleep" mode feature on the MSI 400 is determined by the operating system, which is typically the Windows operating system. Placing your MSI 400 in "sleep" mode will save you power, extend the life on your monitor and improve the life expectancy of your laptop. Getting your laptop out of "sleep" mode takes one push of a button or a click of a mouse.

Flip open the lid of your MSI 400 and press any key on the keyboard. Since the laptop is programmed to go into "Sleep" mode each time you shut the lid, it will "wake" back up in the same state you left it.

Left-click on the mouse one time or move your mouse around to wake it up from "Sleep" mode. If you placed it into sleep mode with the lid still up, placing your finger on the sensitive track pad or clicking the mouse button will get it out of the dormant mode.

Press the "Power" button for a fraction of a second and release the button to get the laptop out of "Sleep" mode. Just be aware that holding the "Power' button for more than one second might cause your MSI 400 laptop to "force quit" and improperly shut down.

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