How to Draw a Statue

Drawing a statue is a way to learn about human anatomy without having to sign up for a life drawing class. Statues stay still and it is easy sit in front of a statue with your sketchpad. If you are not near any statue you wish to draw, look at photographs of famous statues, such as the Statue of Liberty. Start your sketch as you would with other drawings. Look at the overall shapes that make up the statue.

Draw a circle in the middle of your drawing paper for the Statue of Liberty's head. Draw seven equally spaced horizontal lines down from the head, using the head as the guide for the space in between the lines. Start the first line underneath the head. Humans are usually drawn eight heads tall, where the height of the head becomes the guide for the rest body in the drawing.

Draw a line across the top of the head, then add two head-spaced lines above the circle you drew for the head. This will help you draw the raised arm and torch. Add a central line from the centre of the head down to the ground, or where the bottom line is.

Add a diagonal line from just below the left side of the head to the middle of the first and second line underneath the head. The diagonal line should be slightly wider than the circle for the head you drew. This diagonal line will be the shoulders of the statue.

Draw a vertical line from the top of your diagonal line to the ground or to the bottom line. The line should curve in around the third line down from the head and curve back out gently. This line depicts the statue's left side.

Add the raised arm to your statue, using your lines as a guide. The topmost line should be the height of the cupped hand holding the torch. The left side of the arm should continue above the line you created for the left side of the statue. The raised arm should be a thin rectangle with a small oval for the hand.

Draw a ice cream cone shape in the left raised hand. On top of the cone draw a teardrop shaped flame. Draw seven rays on a band on the statue's head at the crown area. Add the top of the head just above the band. Add flowing hair to the side of the head.

Draw a neck with two vertical lines on either side of the bottom of the head so it touches the first diagonal line you made for the shoulders. Draw the right side of the dress by connecting the right side of the shoulder line to the ground.

Add a small angled line at the third line form the head. The line should angle to the right and this will be the part of the arm that is holding the tablet. Draw a rectangle that is slightly perpendicular to the right side of the body for the tablet.

Draw two almond shaped eyes in the middle centre of the head. Add a triangle in the centre of the head for a nose. Lips are underneath the nose and should be two thin horizontal oval shapes.

Add the folds in the dress by drawing soft diagonal lines from the right shoulder across the body. Add circular soft fold lines underneath the raised arm to depict the clothing draping. Add draping curved lines on the left side of the dress and add a diagonal line from the bottom left side up to the fifth line below the head. This will be the drape of the dress.

Observe the statue and add any missing details such as the fingers holding the torch. Darken some of the lines of the dress so it looks like shadows and erase any unwanted lines, such as the guide lines.


Start with simple garden statues for your drawing. Tour sculpture gardens at a local museum to draw their statues. Take your time drawing the statue and practice drawing it over and over.

Things You'll Need

  • Statue of Liberty photograph
  • Drawing paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
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