How to calm a crying puppy on its first night away from its mom

Updated March 23, 2017

Puppies are fun to bring home but new owners often do not realise how lonely and upset a puppy can become at night, when away from its siblings and mother. It is important to establish a nightly routine with the new puppy, so that it feels comfortable and safe in the new environment. If this is the puppy's first night away from her mother, you should expect some whining and confusion as she adjusts to her new environment and schedule.

Take your puppy for an evening walk and play with the puppy after the walk. This will give the puppy exercise and allow the puppy time to eliminate its wastes before going to bed for the night.

Remove food from the puppy's area, around two hours before bed. If the puppy does not eat before bed, she will likely not have to go outside during the night as much as a puppy that eats before bedtime.

Allow the puppy to learn your smell. Hold him, play with him and give him one of your shirts to sniff. Place an old shirt that you have worn in his box or crate, so there is something that has a familiar smell on it.

Place a large cardboard box by your bed and some old clothes in it for the puppy to snuggle in and use for bedding. This will allow the puppy to become familiar with your home and not feel lonely as you sleep. If the puppy to whines at night, immediately take it out to ensure that it can go to the bathroom.

Crate the puppy overnight if you are not comfortable with it sleeping in a box by your bed. Create an inviting environment in the crate where the puppy will sleep. Place a stuffed toy in the crate for the puppy to play with and snuggle. Place some old clothes in the crate for the puppy to use as bedding. A bone and a treat will also be good ways to entice the puppy to stay in the crate.

Create a comfortable environment in a different room for the puppy, if you do not want it to sleep in a crate or in a box by your bed. Arrange old blankets and old clothes on the floor for the puppy's bedding. Place a few treats in the bed for the puppy to snack on and give the puppy a toy.


Take the puppy outside to go to the bathroom every two hours the first night he is home. This will help prevent accidents. Reward the puppy every time he willingly goes into his crate. Allow the puppy to explore the crate when she first comes home, to establish that it is hers.


Do not fuss over the puppy for long periods of time or take it into the bed with you. If you do, the puppy will attempt to do this every night.

Things You'll Need

  • Old blankets
  • Old clothes with your scent
  • Dog crate
  • Cardboard box
  • Dog toys
  • Dog treats
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