How to delete a thread on 4chan

Written by alex tannin | 13/05/2017
How to delete a thread on 4chan
Christopher "Moot" Poole founded 4chan in 2003. (Charles Eshelman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images)

4chan is an Internet message board founded by Christopher Poole, aka "Moot," in 2003. 4chan has achieved fame for its popularisation of Internet fads such as lolcats and "Rickrolling." 4chan has a stripped down interface with posts just consisting of a small piece of text and an optional image. If you make the opening post to a thread, you may delete the thread with minimal fuss.

Click the "Reply" link to the top right of the first post in the thread. This is located next to the date and post number and is contained inside square brackets.

Check the box in the top post of the thread. The box is located between the image and the text for the post.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page. If cookies are enabled on your browser, the "Password" box fills in automatically with a randomly generated password. Leave this box alone. Click the "Delete" button to the right of the "Password" box. This deletes the thread in its entirety.

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