How to Deal With a Disrespectful Boss

Updated April 17, 2017

You spend a lot of time in your workplace, so if you're feeling disrespected by your boss, it's probably having an adverse affect on your life. Bosses have positions of power, which means you have to be careful in dealing with them to avoid negative consequences, the worst of which would be losing your job. However, nobody deserves to be disrespected, so if your boss isn't treating you well, there are steps you can take to deal with the behaviour in a positive way.

Directly confront your boss when you feel disrespected. Confront him in a polite and gentle manner by refuting what he said about you or your work that made you feel disrespected. For example, if your boss says you never meet your deadlines, you can say "Sir, I have to disagree. I've met my last three deadlines." Honestly state the facts when doing this to politely confront the disrespect.

Defend yourself against a disrespectful attack from your boss. If she says you should have done something differently, you can say "I could not have done it differently under the circumstances. I handled the problem in the best possible way." Be respectful, but stand up from yourself as well.

Avoid your boss when he's being disrespectful. While this doesn't solve the problem long term, it's possible your boss is simply having a bad day. If the problem continues, you might have to deal with it differently, but for a short-term solution this often works.

Empathise with your boss without disrespecting yourself. If she tells you something that makes you feel disrespected, say "I understand you're upset about this situation. It's obviously bothering you very much, and I'm sorry for that. Thank you for pointing out the mistake." This method makes it hard for your boss to continue being disrespectful, as you've disarmed her attack.

Speak to your boss' supervisor or the human relations department in your organisation if the problem continues. This should be the last possible step, as it might cause further problems with your boss if things aren't dealt with appropriately by upper-level management.

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