How to Identify Heart-Shaped Leaves & Red Flowers

Written by julie christensen | 13/05/2017
How to Identify Heart-Shaped Leaves & Red Flowers
Morning glories usually have blue or purple flowers, but the flower shape is the same. (Hemera Technologies/ Images)

Most plants with heart-shaped leaves and red flowers are ground covers, although a few annuals and perennials fall into this category as well. Several ground covers with heart-shaped leaves have similar characteristics, but may vary slightly in size and flower formation. When trying to identify a plant, consider the growing conditions of the plant in question. Most ground covers prefer rich, moist soil and partial shade.

Consider the plant's height and form. Coral bells have dark green, scalloped or heart-shaped leaves with a rounded form. The red bell-shaped flowers grow above the foliage on dainty stems. Coral bells come in many shades besides red, but most plants stand 12 to 24 inches high and are used as a ground cover in partial to full shade. Primroses also have green, heart-shaped leaves and clusters of red, pink, purple, orange or yellow flowers atop 4-inch steps.

Watch the plant for signs of twining or crawling. Morning glories are an annual vine with large, green, heart-shaped leaves. They generally produce blue, pink or white flowers, although the flowers may occasionally be red or dark pink. The flowers are round and 3 to 5 inches across.

How to Identify Heart-Shaped Leaves & Red Flowers
Wax begonias are not as flashy as tuberous begonias. (Brand X Pictures/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images)

Look at the colour of the leaves. Wax begonias have thick, fleshy leaves that can be green, red or bronze. The flowers form in small clusters and may be pink, red or white. Wax begonias are small, subtle plants that rarely grow higher than 12 inches. "Burgundy Glow" ajuga has variegated white, pink and purple heart-shaped leaves and spikes of flowers that are usually blue but may also be red. Epimedium, also known as bishop's hat, is a hardy ground cover that has pink-tinged green, heart-shaped leaves and red, yellow, pink, white or lavender flowers in late spring. Lamium is another hardy ground cover with variegated green, silver or pinkish leaves. The plant produces erect flower clusters that range from reddish pink to purple or white, depending on the variety.

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