How to Solve a 3-Piece Wooden Block Puzzle

Written by scott damon | 13/05/2017
How to Solve a 3-Piece Wooden Block Puzzle
An example of a burr puzzle with more pieces. (Phil Ashley/Lifesize/Getty Images)

Burr puzzles date back to the 18th Century where they were produced in Asia and Europe. Though the traditional Burr puzzle is made of six pieces, there are other versions of the wooden puzzle that only have three pieces. The three-piece Burr puzzle has two pieces that are shaped like a "C" and one piece shaped like an "O." When interlocked they form a knotted three-dimensional shape. Aside from using it as a puzzle, some people use a Burr puzzle to decorate coffee tables and book shelves.

Place the "O" shaped piece flat on a table.

Reverse one of the two "C" pieces so it makes a "backward C." Slide the piece through the centre of the "O." You will need to lift the "O" off the table to perform this task.

Rotate the remaining "C" shape so the opening is facing down toward the table or ground.

Slide the second "C" over the two pieces already interlocked until it is secure and the "knot" shape is formed.

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