How to Keep Rabbits From Digging in My Yard

Written by j. johnson | 13/05/2017
How to Keep Rabbits From Digging in My Yard
Digging is a natural behaviour for rabbits. (Hemera Technologies/ Images)

Although rabbits are generally thought of as cute, fluffy animals, they can quickly become pests if they insist on burrowing and digging in your yard. Rabbits, especially if there are several of them, can quickly cause damage to your lawn and garden simply by digging. Before this becomes a major problem for you and your property, set up measures to keep the rabbits from digging in your yard and ruining your lawn.

Place mulch over areas with soft dirt to help prevent digging by rabbits.

Raise up areas where the rabbits like to dig, such as the soft soil of flower gardens. Flower gardens raised just a few feet will have less rabbits.

Put up a fence around your yard. A 24-inch high wire mesh fence will deter rabbits, particularly if it's placed around your garden.

Add prickly plants, like echinops, sedum, berkheya and euphorbia, all around your yard, especially around vegetable plants. Rabbits will avoid plants with prickly, tough foliage.

Fertilise your yard with fermented salmon fertiliser. Rabbits will avoid this substance.

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