How do I get to the divine fortress in aion?

Updated July 20, 2017

"The Divine Fortress" is a fortress in the online role playing video game "Aion." It is one of the more expansive fortresses, making it particularly difficult to beat. The Divine Fortress can be reached at any time, even if you are not ready to defeat it. You can reach the Divine Fortress by selecting the area for it on the Map feature of the game. This is a special feature in Aion that allows you to travel through the game world more quickly.

Open Aion.

Select the "Map" icon at the bottom of the Aion Console. Alternatively, you can press the "W" key, which will also bring up the map.

Select "Reshanta" from the list of regions.

Select the "Eye of Reshanta" sub region.

Select "The Divine Fortress," located in the centre of the Eye. This will take you to the fortress.

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