How to Conceal & Hide a MicroSD Card

Updated February 21, 2017

MicroSD cards are the smallest of the SD Association-developed memory cards. At just 15-by-11 millimetres in size, microSD cards are easy to hide in any number of locations in the office or around the home. You might want to conceal the card if it contains private or personal date from a digital camera or other electronic device that you don't want discovered. The hiding place you choose for your microSD card should reflect the type of data stored in the memory.

Consider storing the card in a safe or other secure location if the data must be protected from theft. Even the smallest domestic safe contains ample room for a microSD card. Put the card inside an envelope or other container to help protect against damage while in the safe.

Use the underside of your desk or desk drawer as a quick hiding place. Taping the microSD card in place should stop prying eyes discovering your memory card and reading the data. The card is small enough to be easily concealed inside a wallet or handbag in an emergency.

Hide the card inside a hollowed-out book or within a special case disguised as a coin (see Resources) if you want a James Bond-style approach to your storage. A special case protects against damage and throws any would-be detectives off the trail thanks to the incognito design.

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