How to Remove Missing Tracks in MediaMonkey

Updated March 23, 2017

MediaMonkey is a digital media player application used for the purpose of music collection organisation, syncing, playback and CD burning. More than 50,000 media files can be managed using MediaMonkey, but most users run into the problem of duplicate files. Some duplicates may be referred to as "greyed out" files, which are missing tracks that only appear in MediaMonkey by name. There is no actual audio, so these files generally take up space for no reason at all. Fortunately, missing MediaMonkey tracks can be removed with minor preference changes.

Launch the MediaMonkey digital media player application on your computer.

Click "Library" on the sidebar menu in the left pane of the MediaMonkey application window.

Select the "Files to Edit" option in the "Library" menu. Click "Duplicate Titles" to rearrange the library files so you can sort out the missing tracks that need to be removed.

Go through the library files to search for duplicate titles and missing tracks. Some duplicate titles will be missing tracks because one file may play back properly while the other one will not. You should be able to tell the difference between the files based on the length of the song next to its title.

Press the "CTRL" key. Click once on each greyed out track, missing track and duplicate title while holding the "CTRL" key.

Right-click the list of selected tracks, and then click the "Remove" or "Delete" option. The removal option will vary depending on your version of MediaMonkey.


You can easily add the length of the song to the description bar directly above the list of tracks in the "Library" if it is not visible. Simply right-click on the "Title" bar above the full library, and then click "Length" in the list of display options. A new tab for the length of all tracks will appear on the description bar.

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