How to Use Powder in a Top Loader Washing Machine

Washing machines are available as either old-style top-loaders, or new-style front-loaders. Both types of washers require washing powder, which cleans and deodorises your clothes. New-style front-loading washing machines have a detergent drawer that requires high-efficiency liquid detergent, which bears an "HE" logo on the bottle. Old-style top-loaders use either liquid or powder detergent. When washing a load of laundry in your old-style top-loading washing machine, it is important that the detergent is placed into the tub correctly to ensure a proper wash of your clothes.

Open the washer lid and remove any items from the washer.

Use the measuring scoop included with the powder washing powder to measure the recommended amount of detergent for the load that you are washing.

Pour the detergent into the bottom of the washer. Load the clothes on top of the detergent.

Start the wash cycle in the manner recommended by the manufacturer of your washing machine.

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