How to Make My Samsung TV Taller

Written by michael wallace | 13/05/2017

Samsung flat-screen televisions come with a variety of features, including audio out ports to hook up external speakers, inputs for your game consoles or computer and a base stand that allows you to place the TV upright on a table or in an entertainment centre. You can adjust the stand to increase the height of the TV if you want to bring the TV closer to your eye level without disassembling the television.

Unplug the TV and place it face down on a blanket or towel. This will protect the screen.

Locate the circular button on the back of the base stand. Place one hand on the centre of the back of the television and press and hold the button.

Slide the stand down to increase the height. Once the stand can't be lowered any more it has reached its full length.

Release the button on the stand and it will lock in place.

Things you need

  • Towel or blanket

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