How to reset the macbook pro trackpad?

Written by diana braun | 13/05/2017

The MacBook Pro features a multi-touch trackpad used to interact and navigate the computer screen. You can swipe and zoom the pad with your fingers to zoom in and flip Web pages on the screen. Occasionally, the trackpad may freeze up when it can't process the finger movements quick enough. Reset the MacBook Pro to get the trackpad working again and unfreeze the screen.

Click the "Apple" icon from the upper-left of the screen and select "Shut down" from the drop-down menu.

Unplug the power adaptor from the computer.

Turn the computer over, lift the locking lever, remove the battery access door and pop out the battery.

Turn the computer back over and press and hold the "Power" button for five seconds.

Release the "Power" button.

Insert the battery back into the battery compartment and plug the power adaptor into the computer.

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