How to Format Book Pages for Double Sided A3 Publication Order

Updated July 20, 2017

Setting up your word processing application for booklet printing is very simple to do, but the hardest part is working out which on-screen page correlates to which printed page. A double-sided printed booklet in Microsoft Word does not organise your sheets in progressive order, so you need to consider which sheets will come out of the printer first. One of the easiest ways to consider this process is to use some scrap paper to visualise the printout yourself.

Open Microsoft Word. Click "Page Layout," and then "Page Setup."

Click the "Multiple pages" drop-down and select "Book fold." Click "Landscape."

Change your margins so that the document is formatted for how you want the document to look. Click "OK."

Click "File," then "Print." Click the "Print One sided" drop-down menu and select "Print on Both Sides; Flip pages on short edge." Exit the print options. Your document is ready to be printed as a booklet.

Use sheets of scrap paper to work out which page is which. These pages do not need to be A3. Fold them over to make the booklet and number each page as if you were reading through the booklet progressively. Number on both sides and then look at each page. In the example of a two-sheet, eight-half-page book, one sheet will have page 8 on the left and page 1 on the right. Page 2 on the left and page 7 on the right will be on the other side. Your first page in Microsoft Word should be the back page, the second the front page, the third the inside left page and the fourth the back right page. Continue setting up your document with this pattern in mind.

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