How to Decorate a Birthday Cake for a 90-Year-Old

A 90-year-old birthday party calls for a special celebration that commemorates this milestone. While a store-bought birthday cake can make do for this occasion, making a birthday cake yourself is sure to please the birthday boy or girl. Think about depicting the person's favourite things on cake, such as their favourite food and drink, or make a cake in their favourite colours. You can also represent their hobbies on cake or make an edible image cake with then and now images.

Slice the prepared cake and fill it with fruit or frosting, if desired. You can fill it with the 90-year-old's favourite fruit or their preferred pie filling. Cover the cake with frosting, smoothing it evenly on the top and sides.

Use edible glitter and confetti to give a festive look to the cake. You can pipe mounds of frosting in different colours to resemble balloons and pipe streamers all around the cake. Use confetti shaped like the number "90" to add to the theme of the party.

Depict the person's favourite hobby in cake. Make big cake balls by mixing cake scraps with frosting and cover the balls with strands of icing to resemble balls of yarn. Pipe two knitting needles on the cake using grey frosting. This will please a knitting lover on their 90th birthday. You can also frost the cake with green icing and insert toothpicks with small flags glued on top, to resemble a golf course. Add a golfer figurine on the cake and make a 90-year-old golf-lover happy.

Create an edible image cake at home by ordering the image online. There are several companies that send you edible versions of an image once you upload it on their website and place an order. Carefully place the edible image on the cake and finish off with a piped border on the sides of a cake and a "Happy Birthday [Name]" message. Think about using images from the 90-year-old's youth to make a nostalgic cake.

Make a cake shaped like the number "90". You can use a number pan or cut out "9" and "0" from a rectangular cake. Frost the cake smooth and decorate with flowers or a simple border. Add candles and a birthday message to make a quick and easy birthday cake.

Things You'll Need

  • Yellow cake, baked and cooled
  • Frosting
  • Spatula
  • Confetti
  • Edible glitter
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