How to Remove the Battery From a Philips 8 GB GoGear MP3 Player

Updated February 21, 2017

Philips does not recommend that you take your Go Gear MP3 player apart to remove the battery; doing so will void any warranty that applies to the product. If you decide to remove the battery anyway, then you will find that it's a fairly simple task, as the battery is held in its casing by just a few Phillips head screws. Once you pop the battery out you should dispose of it at an approved battery disposal location.

Turn off your Phillips GoGear 8GB MP3 player.

Pull off the bottom casing of the MP3 player. This casing is not held in place by any screws.

Unscrew the screws along the edge of the interior panel. You must remove four screws on the top edge, one screw on the left edge and one screw on the bottom edge of the panel.

Pull off the interior panel to reveal the rectangular battery.

Pull the battery out of its housing.

Bring the battery to an approved battery disposal centre. You should not dispose of the battery in normal household trash.


Battery removal invalidates your MP3 player's warranty. You should only remove the battery if you want to replace it with a new battery and don't mind invalidating the warranty or if you wish to dispose of your GoGear MP3 player.

Things You'll Need

  • Phillips head screwdriver
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