How to Prevent an OSD Timeout

Updated April 17, 2017

Most new computer LCD monitors come equipped with an OSD (on-screen display) timeout. This feature will automatically turn off your monitor after a specified amount of time if it remains idle. This feature prevents your monitor from suffering image burn-in and also saves power. This can be an annoying feature for those who have work that requires them to leave their monitors idle for long periods of time. Through the monitor's menu, you can prevent an OSD timeout.

Locate the menu buttons on your monitor. Press the "Menu" button to turn on the on-screen menu.

Navigate the menu using the up/down buttons. Highlight the "Advanced" setting and select it.

Navigate the menu until you see an option for "Timeout" or "OSD."

Select a longer time interval for the timeout. Or, disable the option completely. Select the "Exit" option to leave the on-screen menu.

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