How to Build an Octagon Tree Surround

An octagon tree surround is used to decorate around the base of a tree. The easiest octagon surrounds are made from landscape timbers. The use of the surround holds such decorative items as wood chips or rocks around the base of the tree. The key to making an octagon tree surround is cutting the wood at the proper angle. The same angle is used no matter what width wood, plastic or metal items are used to make the surround.

Set the mitre saw at 22.5 degrees. Make all cuts at the 22.5 degree angle.

Place the landscaping timber on a flat surface. Hook the end of the tape measure over one end. Measure and mark the landscaping timber at 1 inch and 37 inches. Cut opposite 22.5 mitre cuts at the 1-inch and 37-inch marks to create a trapezoid. Repeat for the remaining seven sides of the octagon tree surround.

Construct the 3-foot octagon tree surround around the outside edge of the tree. Match the opposite angles together to create the eight sides.


Secure the individual pieces of the octagon tree surround together with wood screws or nails.

Things You'll Need

  • 3 8-foot landscaping timbers
  • Tape measure
  • Electric mitre saw
  • Safety glasses/goggles
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