How to Create an ooVoo ID

Updated July 20, 2017

OoVoo is a free software that allows you to have free video chats and free video calls with other ooVoo users over your computer. If the other party does not have ooVoo, you can video chat in your Internet browser window. OoVoo also allows users to call a phone from their computer over ooVoo for a low rate per minute. OoVoo allows you to set up your ooVoo ID on its website when you download the ooVoo software.

Open your Internet browser and go to the ooVoo website. Click "My Account" in the list of links above the navigation bar.

Click the "Download Free ooVoo" button on the right side of the page under the heading "Don't Have an ooVoo Account Yet?" Click the "Download Now" button under the version of ooVoo that is compatible with your computer's operating system. Click "Save" to confirm you want to download ooVoo.

Wait for the file to download. Double-click the downloaded file to unzip it, then double-click the unzipped file to launch the ooVoo installer.

Follow the prompts in the installer to install the ooVoo program on your computer. When the installation process is complete, click on the newly created ooVoo icon on your desktop to launch ooVoo.

Click on "Get a New ooVoo Account" at the bottom of the sign-in window.

Enter your desired unique ooVoo ID in the provided text entry field. Enter your desired password in both the "Password" and "Confirm Password" fields. Select whether you want to be signed in automatically on this computer.

Enter your first and last name in the "About You" section. Use the drop-down menus to enter your birthday. Select your gender. Enter your e-mail address in the field below. Select whether you plan to use ooVoo for business use, personal use or both.

Click the "I Accept - Create Account" button at the bottom of the account registration window.


Your ooVoo ID must be 6-29 characters long and contain only numbers and letters. Your ooVoo password must be 6-25 characters long and contain only numbers and letters.

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