How to Change Tombstones in "Sims 3"

Updated July 19, 2017

When a Sim dies in "The Sims 3," a tombstone or urn appears where he died. Urns appear for Sims who die indoors. Once a family member moves the urn outside, it becomes a tombstone. Tombstones come in three different shapes. While you can't change a tombstone design once it appears, you can make changes in the Sim's life before he dies to get a specific type of tombstone after death. The more lifetime happiness points a Sim receives during his life, the nicer the tombstone left behind.

Start "The Sims 3" and enter the household where you want to influence the shape of a Sim's future tombstone.

Click that particular Sim so she's the active Sim, and review her"wants" in the centre of the game control panel along the bottom of the screen.

Hover your mouse cursor of the want icons to see what you need to do to satisfy them. Every want you satisfy generates happiness points that lead to lifetime rewards.

Click objects, people and buildings in the game to issue commands that fulfil your Sim's wants. The more wants you fulfil, the more points you generate. Accumulate more than 150,000 points and your Sim will receive the largest tombstone possible upon his death.

Click the "Lifetime Rewards" tab on the right side of the game console to view how many points your Sim has accumulated.

Click the "Simology" tab to check your Sim's age. Barring any unfortunate accidents such as drowning, fire or electrocution, your Sim will pass away when he reaches a ripe old age.

Hover your mouse over your Sim's lifespan graphic to see how many days must pass before he becomes an elder if he isn't one already. After he's an elder, hover over this area again to see approximately how many days he has left in his lifespan. Some Sims exceed their lifespan by a few days, but most expire before the last day.

Continue to play your game until the Grim Reaper appears, indicating a Sim has died. After the Grim Reaper leaves, look for a tombstone in the area where the death occurred.


Under 75,000 lifetime reward points results in the smallest tomstone, a rectangular plaque on the ground. Between 75,000 and 149.999 points will get your Sim the medium-sized square tombstone with a plaque on the front. Over 150,000 points, which shows a life well-lived, gives the Sim a large, obelisk tombstone with an engraved plaque. The grand total of lifetime reward points received determines the tombstone shape and size. It doesn't matter how many points you spend over the course of the Sim's life or how many you have left over by the time he dies. A tombstone on your Sim's home lot may generate a ghost of the dearly departed that roams the lot at night. This ghost is not a playable character until you receive a call from the Science Facility about regenerating a loved one and bring them the ghost's tombstone.


If you want to view the tombstone after the Sims dies, the deceased's household must contain at least one additional Sim so that someone living remains to keep the household active. Once the last Sim in a household dies, the game brings you back to the main screen to pick a new family to play.

Things You'll Need

  • A Sim household with more than one member
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