How to Copy Text From a Kindle Book

Updated March 23, 2017

Being able to copy text from your Kindle ebook is a convenient way to make notes on important quotes, recipes and other information you wish to archive and refer to often. Because of copyright infringement policies, Kindle users cannot copy and print Kindle material from their e-reading devices. However, Amazon does allow users to highlight passages and create notes on blocks of text readers want to reference easily. These notes can be accessed online and copied for your personal use.

Highlight the information you want to copy on your Kindle device or application. To highlight information, click the first word in the highlighted passage. Bring the cursor all the way to the last word in the passage you wish to highlight and click again.

Log into your Amazon Kindle account. Here you can view information on your Kindle books and manage your online account.

Click the "Your Highlights" link at the top of the page. This will show you all of the highlighted passages you have referenced on your Kindle. All passages are sorted by book title, so you'll need to scroll down to the book you need.

Find the passage you want to copy and highlight it with your mouse. Copy the text by right-clicking your mouse and selecting "Copy" from the drop-down menu. The information is now saved and can be pasted into a Word document or note-taking software for reference.


Text copied from Kindle ebooks should be used for your personal use only. If you need to reference material in a research paper or article, you must give full credit to the author. Republishing the content or copying and printing an electronic book in its entirety is illegal.


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