How to Install Bath Taps

Updated February 21, 2017

Bathroom taps are very reliable pieces of plumbing, rarely needing any kind of maintenance or replacement. On occasion, especially with taps containing a diverter which controls water flow to the shower, you may find leaks appearing or spraying water from the taps that requires a replacement. Luckily, this is a repair that does not require an expensive call from the local plumber. Bath taps come with two different installation methods; screw-on taps or those held on with a screw.

Turn off the water to the bath tub. Turn the handles of the faucet to remove all the water from the tap.

Inspect the underside of the bath tap for a screw. Twist the tap counterclockwise to remove it from the wall.

Insert the internal pipe wrench into the pipe the tap was connected to. Turn the internal pipe wrench counterclockwise to remove the old pipe from the wall. No internal pipe wrench is needed if the old pipe is not recessed in the wall.

Screw the new pipe in place. Slide the bath tap onto the pipe and turn clockwise to tighten it down. Turn on the water and test for leaks.

Turn off the water to the bathtub.

Remove the screw from the underside of the bath tap using an Allen wrench.

Slide the bath tap off the pipe.

Remove the pipe from the wall by turning it counterclockwise with a wrench.

Screw in the new pipe. Slide the new tap onto the pipe and tighten it down with a screw.

Things You'll Need

  • Allen wrench
  • Internal pipe wrench
  • Wrench
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