How to make a padded bikini

Updated April 17, 2017

Purchased swimming costumes do not always fit to the wearer's liking and may lack the proper amount of padding. Creating a custom-made bikini can provide additional comfort, perfect fit, and support. This sewing project can have one ready for the boardwalk in no time.

Choose a two-way stretch knit fabric for the body of the bikini. Select the desired pattern, only using the amount of fabric that is allotted for within the design. Each individual's sizing will be different so utilise the pattern's fabric amount suggestion that is listed.

Lay the fabric on a flat surface, pinning the chosen pattern down. Cut around the selected pattern. Utilising the instructions provided by the pattern allow the maker to rely on the established construction, leaving little room for error.

Follow the instructions provided by the pattern to sew and assemble the swimming costume. Some patterns do not require any sewing, but rather a series of knots that can be tied to secure the ends. For best results, sew the trim of the swimming costume to avoid any fraying for extended wear. When sewing in the lining, leave an inch-long horizontal space open. You will use this space to insert the lining.

Visit a craft supply or fabric shop to purchase padding. Most suppliers carry different sizes and variations of padding. Be sure to choose padding that is able to fit within the diameters of the bikini top. Ensure that the padding is also able to get wet. Check with the store to see if it is the appropriate padding for a swimming costume, and not just for a dress or other piece of apparel.

Lay the padding within the bikini top ensuring that it is not too large for the space. Cut the edges of the padding if it extends farther than the fabric of the swimming costume top.

Fold the padded pieces in half, sliding them through the cut section within the lining. Sew a single stitch at each of the three corners of the piece of padding. Be sure to sew the padding onto only the lined layer of the swimming costume. This will ensure that the stitch cannot be viewed when looking at the front of the bikini top.

Things You'll Need

  • Fabric (amount depends on the wearer's size)
  • Triangle padding
  • Sewing machine & thread
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