How to make a bow on a keyboard

Written by vera leigh | 13/05/2017
How to make a bow on a keyboard
Use a symbol font to make a bow symbol in your word processing document. (Burke/Triolo Productions/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images)

If you would like to insert a bow symbol in your Microsoft Word document, you can do so using only your keyboard as long as you have a symbol library as part of your fonts. Common symbol fonts are Dingbats and Wingdings. Select one and then use the arrows and muse to insert the symbols into you document.

Open a new Microsoft Word document.

Click the "Insert" tab on your toolbar and locate the "Symbol" button. Click the down arrow on the button and scroll to "Dingbats."

Select a bow symbol and press "Insert." The bow symbol will appear in your document.

Insert a bow into an HTML message by typing the code for a bow. To do this, open a new HTML message on your blog or website.

Insert the Unicode coding that will signal to your Internet browser to read the Unicode HTML code for a bow. Paste the following code:

Type the following HTML code "弓" without quotation marks. Type again.

Save your HTML post and publish it. Your bow symbol will appear on the screen. If you do not see it, then your web browser does not support the bow icon HTML format. You should copy and paste the symbol icon from a Microsoft Word document.

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