How to Recover & Restore a ThinkPad T43

Updated February 21, 2017

A problematic ThinkPad T43 laptop might be due to a corrupt driver file, which occurs when a recently installed or uninstalled program changes the file necessary for your computer to function normally. Rather than take your laptop in to be serviced you can roll your system back to its original factory settings. A system restore erases all files and reverts the laptop's settings to its out-of-the-box state. Once restored, the computer will run just as it did before the error initially occurred. You will need to reinstall data files and some programs back onto the hard drive.

Close all open programs and documents on your computer, and click the Start menu icon. Click "Shut Down" to power off the computer.

Leave the computer off for five seconds, then press the power button on the laptop. Press the "Access IBM" key on your keyboard when the "To interrupt normal start-up, press the blue Access IBM Button" message appear to access the Rescue and Recovery utility on the laptop.

Click "Restore your system," and click "Restore my hard drive to the original factory state."

Click "Next" and click "Restore" to begin the ThinkPad's restore process, which takes up to two hours to finish. Click "Enter" when the laptop's recovery is finished. Wait for the laptop to return to the desktop and display the set-up wizard.

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