How to use a thompson water seal on a canvas tent

Nothing ruins a fun camping trip faster than a wet tent. If your canvas tent is prone to leaking, apply Thompson's WaterSeal SportsSeal aerosol spray to seal it against inclement weather. Thompson's WaterSeal provides a waterproof coating while still allowing the fabric to breathe. Thompson's WaterSeal will also prevent spills from staining the canvas or penetrating the tent. Thompson's WaterSeal will not discolour the canvas or leave the fabric stiff or sticky.

Check the surface of the canvas tent. Sprinkle some water on the fabric. If the fabric absorbs the water, it is ready for treatment. If the water beads and rolls off, you do not need to apply Thompson's WaterSeal.

Test spray on an inconspicuous piece of fabric to ensure that the fabric will not be damaged or discoloured. Spray until surface is damp. Wipe with a light-coloured cloth. If colour is transferred, do not use the product.

Protect surrounding areas from overspray by laying out newspapers. Ensure that the area is well ventilated.

Clean and dry the surface to be sprayed, as needed. Hold can 6 to 8 inches from the surface and use long, even strokes to spray the fabric. Do not soak the fabric. Allow a drying time of four hours. Apply a second coat of Thompson's WaterSeal.

Wait 24 hours before exposure to water.


Reapply Thompson's WaterSeal after you use a cleanser to clean the fabric of the tent.


Thompson's WaterSeal is highly flammable. Do not expose to flame or smoke while spraying. Do not incinerate or puncture can.

Things You'll Need

  • Light-coloured cloth
  • Newspaper
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