How to Do Super Saiyan Hair in Photoshop

Updated March 23, 2017

Super Saiyan is an advanced level of power that is obtained by a good or evil Saiyan once he reaches a very high level of extreme rage. One of the changes that occur during this time of rage, is the Saiyan's hair appearance. The hair becomes a golden colour and stands up in a spikelike flame appearance. You can create the Super Saiyan hair through Photoshop by completing a couple of steps.

Launch "Photoshop." Scroll to "File" and then "Open." Choose the file of the person of your choice and click "Open." Click the "Layer" button at the top of your screen. Scroll to "New Layer Fill" and then "Solid Color." A dialogue box will appear to create a "New Layer." Use the drop-down button for "Color" and choose "Yellow." A window will appear for "Foreground" colour. Choose "Yellow" and click "OK." A solid yellow colour will appear in front of the image. Under the "Layers" tab on the right of your screen, un-select the "eye" on the side of the "Yellow" layer.

Scroll to the "Elliptical Marquee Tool" or click "M" on your keyboard. Create a circle and drag and position the circle in the centre of the subject's hair. Reselect the "eye" for the "Yellow" mask for the circle to show. Click the "Refine Edge" button at the top of your screen. A window will appear. Scroll down to "Output" and for "Output To:," select "Layer Mask" and click "OK."

Scroll to the "Pen Tool" or click "P" to create pen points around the circle. Leave an open gap when you have made pen points around the circle. This will allow the anchors to continue to show until it's time to reshape the circle.

Reconstruct the circle shape into your hair shape. To see your hair underneath, scroll to the "Layers" tab to the right of your screen and use the bar to lower the "Opacity." Then pull on the dots and lines to create spikes for the formation of your hair. Use the "Eraser" tool to remove some parts of the circle to create your formation. Use a picture of a Super Saiyan as a guide. Save the file.

Things You'll Need

  • Super saiyan picture
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