How Can I Re-Size My Virtual DJ to Fit My Screen?

Updated April 17, 2017

Re-size your custom Virtual DJ skins so that they fill your entire computer screen with the "Skin Resizer Tool." The Virtual DJ Skin Resizer Tool is available to all registered users on the Virtual DJ website, and can stretch the XML file to the appropriate size for full-screen display, or add borders to its edges. Loading the XML skin file into the tool gives you the option to specify the output size, along with the display format. Make your Virtual DJ skins fit your computer screen in less than ten minutes.

Visit the Virtual DJ website, go to the "Tools" tab, then click the download link for the "Skin Resizer Tool." Click "Save" when the dialogue box appears on your screen.

Unzip the Skin Resizer Tool installation file, along with any compressed XML skin files. WinZip, 7-Zip, and CAM UnZip all work for unzipping the compressed files to your computer's hard drive.

Double-click the Skin Resizer Tool's installation EXE. Follow the prompts that appear to complete the installation.

Enter the location of the XML skin file that needs to be resized. Click the "Browse" button underneath of the "XML Input" box, navigate to the file's location, then press "Enter."

Enter your screen's resolution size into the "Output Size" box.

Specify the name of the resized XML skin file by typing it into the "Output XML" box. Click the "Browse" button and navigate to the location where your Virtual DJ skins are stored, then press "Enter."

Click "Re-sizing," then place a check mark in the box next to "Browser Resize." This option will increase the size of Virtual DJ's browser window, so that the program's user interface fits the entirety of your computer screen.

Click the "Generating" tab on the left-side of the screen, then click "Do the Job." The skin will appear in full-screen mode the next time Virtual DJ is opened.


Click "Preview Skin" from the "Generating" in order to view how the skin will appear before creating the final version.


Some features of the Skin Resizer Tool are only made available to full-version Virtual DJ users.

Things You'll Need

  • Skin Resizer Tool
  • Unzipping software
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