How to Tell if a Dog Is Half Chihuahua & Half Jack Russell

Updated November 21, 2016

You love your mixed dog no matter what breed it is -- yet many dog owners are still curious to find out more about their dog's ancestry. If you think your dog might be half-Chihuahua and half-Jack Russell Terrier, there are a variety of ways to find out its heritage, or at least have a better guess. Researching the dog's past and the two breeds you suspect can lend some clues as to the animal's make-up, while a dog DNA test can let you know for sure.

Track down where the dog came from. If the animal came from a pet store or breeder, the seller should be able to provide you with information about its parents. Check if these dogs were a Chihuahua and Jack Russell Terrier. Even if you adopted the dog from an animal shelter, you might be able to find some information about its background. Ask the staff at the centre if they have any information about the dog's past and where it came from.

Look for Chihuahua characteristics in the dog. This short, stocky breed typically weighs 0.907 to 2.72 Kilogram and is 6 to 9 inches tall. While the animal comes a variety of colours, almost all Chihuahuas have an apple-shaped head with a short, pointed muzzle, round eyes and pointy ears. Personality-wise, Chihuahuas are lively, and often energetic and cocky. They crave attention and can be protective of their family.

Search for Jack Russell Terrier traits in your dog to better understand if it has this breed in its genes. This breed typically weighs 4.54 to 6.8 Kilogram and is 15 to 18 inches tall. Jack Russells have flat heads, medium-length muzzles, almond-shaped eyes and black noses. Their coats are tough and are usually white with tan, brown or black markings. Jack Russell Terriers are full of personality. They are intelligent, which can lead to them being crafty, cunning and bold. These dogs have a lot of energy and love to exercise whenever they can.

Talk to your veterinarian to find out more information about your dog's breeds. This professional probably works with dogs everyday and will be able to pick out what kind of breeds make up your dog. Also, if your dog has any health problems, the doctor will be able to tell you if these problems are common in either Chihuahuas or Jack Russell Terriers.

Get a DNA test for your dog. The Wisdom Panel Insights Dog DNA Test can break down your dog's genetics to determine what breeds are in its ancestry. The test, which in 2011 cost about £45, is done at home. The owner collects a saliva sample from the dog's cheek, which is sent to the company and its lab. The results of the dog's genetic make-up and various breeds are available within two to three weeks.

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