How to Draw Lotso From "Toy Story 3"

Updated February 21, 2017

Lots-o'-Huggin' bear is one of the main characters in Pixar's "Toy Story 3" hit animation movie. The pink fluffy bear seems gentile, particularly because he carries a cane and smells of strawberries. Viewers ultimately learn, however, that Lotso became a jaded and bitter bear bent on destroying the happiness of other discarded toys at a local day care centre when his owner lost him and replaced him with a new Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear. Drawing this maniacal stuffed toy is easy to master.

Print off a picture of Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear from Disney's website. Draw a cross over the photo, dividing it into quadrants. Separate your graph paper into quadrants as well.

Locate the quadrant(s) containing Lotso's head and start by drawing a circle open at the top with erasable pink coloured pencil. Continue with Lotso's right arm which should be bent across his chest. Create Lotso's "paw" or hands by giving him two segments or "fingers."

Draw Lotso's left arm so that it is straight down and slightly out from his side. Pay attention to the quadrant divisions, using them as a guide to keep Lotso's proportions correct.

Draw Lotso's round fluffy tummy and short feet, with three toes on each foot. Follow with two ears made from semicircles on either side of the open space on Lotso's head.

Use a brown coloured pencil to draw Lotso's cane and eyebrows. Draw the cane as a simple "T" shape beneath his right paw.

Use a yellow coloured pencil to draw one additional semicircle inside of each of Lotso's ears and another circle within his tummy. Draw a large circle with the bottom edge pointed slightly down to create Lotso's face.

Use a black coloured pencil to draw Lotso's eyes, nose and mouth. Make two small circles above the yellow face circle for eyes, draw horizontal lines one third of the way down for eyelids and draw a half circle within the yellow face for Lotso's nose.

Colour Lotso's outer body pink and inner tummy, face and inside ear portions yellow, following the different coloured lines you created. Colour Lotso's cane brown and eyes and nose purple.

Add depth to Lotso's frame by shading the outer edges of his pink frame with purple coloured pencil. Add dirt to Lotso by shading his yellow tummy face and ears with grey coloured pencil. If desired, surround Lotso with a pink-purplish shaded circle.

Things You'll Need

  • Graph paper
  • Coloured pencils
  • Picture of Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear
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