How to Make an Infinity Symbol in Illustrator

Updated July 20, 2017

Vector artwork is at the heart of much digital design. Precision and expressiveness are equally important when it comes to creating eye-catching vector visuals. Adobe Illustrator's robust tool set is designed to do exactly that. Tools such as Beautiful Strokes, Bristle Brush, perspective grids and gradients make it possible to achieve painterly and raster-like effects. Advanced typography tools and several other useful features make it possible to insert and invent useful special characters and symbols, all with the versatility and scalability of vector graphics.

Create a new document in Illustrator. Open the File menu, select "New" and click "OK."

Create a new layer in the Layers window by clicking the "Create New Layer" icon at the bottom of the window. If the Layers window is not visible, open the Window menu, and select "Layers."

Select the "Type" tool in the Tools window. If the Tools window is not visible, open the Window menu, and select "Tools".

Click anywhere within your document. This will create a text field.

Insert an infinity symbol. Open the Type menu and select "Glyphs." Ensure that "Show: Entire Font" is selected and scroll through the Glyphs until you find the infinity symbol. Double-click on it, and close the Glyphs window.

Choose your desired character style. Highlight the infinity symbol with the cursor, and select your desired font family, style and size in the Character window. If the Character window is not visible, open the Window menu, and select "Align".

Exit the text field. Press the "Esc" key on your keyboard to exit the text field.

Create outlines of the infinity symbol. Select the "Selection" tool in the Tools window, and click on the infinity symbol. Open the Type menu and select "Create Outlines." This will eradicate font availability problems when printing or opening the file from other machines.

Save your file. Open the File menu, and select "Save As." Choose a location for the file, name it and click "Save."


Choose your desired document size while creating a new document, and maximise the use of your space. After exiting the text field the infinity symbol can be scaled with the Select tool by clicking and dragging any of the eight boxes along the perimeter of the object field. Dragging from a corner while holding shift will scale it in proportion.


Adobe Illustrator is a vector program can become unstable on computers with low available memory, so to help prevent a software crash don't run too many programs at once.

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