Tutorial to carved text in illustrator

Written by daniel ketchum | 13/05/2017

Illustrator is a powerful and widely used vector graphics application offered by Adobe. It is often used by artists to create graphics for signs, ads and other marketing materials. It is also used for making graphics for web page layouts. One visually interesting effect you can create using Illustrator is to make text look like it has been carved into a surface.

Start Adobe Illustrator. Select "File" from the menu and choose "New." Enter the width and height you want for your document in the dialogue box that appears. Click "OK."

Set the "Foreground" colour in the toolbar on the left to the colour you want for the object the text will be carved into. Select the "Rectangular" tool from the toolbar and drag out a rectangle on the canvas.

Select the "Type" tool from the toolbar. Go to the text options at the top and choose the font style and size you want. Use the same colour you used for the rectangle.

Drag out a textbox where you want it on the rectangle and type in your text. At this point it is invisible against the background. Change to the "Selection" tool and select the text.

Select "Effects" from the menu and choose "3D." From the options, choose "Bevel and Extrude." In the dialogue that appears, change the "Position" to "Front." Change the "Bevel" to "Classic" and click "OK." Save your work.

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