How to Import WMV Files to Dreamweaver CS3

Updated July 19, 2017

Dreamweaver CS3 is an Adobe application for building Web pages. Dreamweaver provides you with a broad range of tools and methods, including an interface for importing objects such as images, video and audio. Dreamweaver inserts the page code necessary to display or run your object. Import a WMV file to your Web page using Dreamweaver CS3 using the import interface.

Launch Dreamweaver and open your Web page.

Position your cursor for the WMV insertion and click the "Insert" menu. Click "Media" and "Plugin." Click your WMV and click the "OK" button. Dreamweaver inserts an "" tag, including the values to run your WMV.

Click the "Common" tab of the "Insert" panel. Click the "Media" drop-down and click "Plugin." Click your WMV and click the "OK" button.

Press "F12" to preview your Web page.

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