How to Install Beveled Mirror Tiles

Bevelled mirror tiles are an option for covering large or small wall spaces. They fit well in a small budget and do not require a trained technician for installation. You can change the look of a room or hallway in an afternoon by covering part or all of the wall with bevelled mirror tiles. Using bevelled mirror tiles instead of flat ones gives the room an updated look instead of a retro one. A great advantage to using mirror wall tiles is that the mirrors help a small space look bigger.

Check the wall to be covered in bevelled mirror tiles for flatness. Hold a carpenter's level in several places on the wall and in different orientations. If it does not lie flat against the wall in any place, the wall is not flat. If the wall is not flat, the mirrors may not adhere properly. At the very least, the mirror tiles would not reflect on the same plane. Consider covering another wall, or bolt a sheet of plywood to the wall to provide a flat surface for the tiles.

Clean the wall. Sand or scrape off any flaking paint or old wallpaper. Let the wall dry completely.

Hang a plumb line from the top of the wall to the floor. Walls are rarely absolutely perpendicular to adjoining walls, so use the plumb line as a guide for the bevelled mirror tile installation. Affix the two ends of a chalk line at the top and bottom of the wall, and snap a chalk line along the plumb line.

Fasten the two ends of the chalk line at the bottom of the area where you want the tile installed. Intersect this line with the vertical chalk line. Use the carpenter's level to make sure the chalk line is level. Snap the chalk line.

Cut five 1-inch sections of heavy-duty double-sided mounting tape. Peel the protective paper off one side of each tape section. Press one section sticky side down on each corner of the back of a bevelled mirror tile. Press another one in the middle of the tile. Peel the protective paper off the five tape sections on the back of the tile.

Place the taped tile mirror side out at the corner where the chalk lines intersect. Line up one side and the bottom of the mirror tile exactly with the chalk lines. Press the tile firmly to the wall at the corners and middle.

Continue applying tape sections to the tiles and pressing the tiles to the wall. Work in a column. Add each tile on top of the previous one until you reach the top of the area where you want them installed. Begin subsequent columns at the bottom, using the previous column as a placing guide. Make as many columns as necessary to cover the entire area.


Double-sided adhesive tape works best when the wall is not very cold. Avoid having to cut the bevelled mirror tiles to fit exactly to the corners and ceiling by leaving a blank space around the installation area where you would need partial tiles. Center the entire installation so the blank spaces are even on all sides.

Things You'll Need

  • Carpenter's level
  • Plywood sheet (optional)
  • Sandpaper (optional)
  • Scraper (optional)
  • Plumb line
  • Chalk line
  • Double-sided mounting tape
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